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How Many Guitar Chords Do I Need To Know?

Guitar chords, (note groups played specifically on a guitar,) differ only from other types of chords by virtue of instrument; they're simply a series of three or more notes played together. These notes don't necessarily have to be played simultaneously, however. Broken chords (also referred to as arpeggios) are three or more notes that aren't played at the same time but closely enough to still be heard as a group or whole. And even the three-note rule is open to the occasional exception; some guitar ch...


What is a Full Size Acoustic Guitar?

There is a range of sizes that you may find acoustic guitars in. In fact, the whole subject of guitar sizes is very complicated. Various sizes were developed over time by different manufacturers. There are some basic shapes and sizes, but they are just starting points. Acoustic guitar designers over the years have experimented with a lot of different concepts. They have not only come up with different sizes, but have also tried many different shapes for the full size acoustic guitar. The result is that ther...


Information About An Acoustic Electric Guitar

An acoustic electric guitar is like an acoustic guitar, except it has many of the trappings of an electric guitar. This includes things such as transducers, pickups and a microphone. The first of these three is a device that helps one form of energy to another, including electric or acoustic energy. In terms of a guitar, this is used to help pick up the vibrations. This is because, when using an these kinds of instrument the pickups are not capable enough without magnetic materials. Pickups are a form of tr...


Guitar lesson: Find The Notes On Your Guitar

When you take a look at the guitar fretboard you may ask yourself if it is possible to learn the notes there! Can you find the notes you want to find? Let's start to conquer the fretboard by taking the first step!When you are playing your first melodies on your guitar your teacher will probably let you begin by learning the notes in the first position on your guitar.We will begin this guitar lesson by taking a look at three notes on the first string. The first open string is an E, the first fret an F and th...


Ukulele Tab: Learn To Play Scarborough Fair

In this ukulele lesson we will use the uke to play Scarborough Fair as a melody. You don't need to know sheet music at all so let's start!Scarborough Fair is an English ballad and dates back to late medieval times. Scarborough was a host to a huge forty-five day fair.The name Scarborough Fair is now used for a music festival held every year in Scarborough.The first verse has the lyrics:Are you going to Scarborough Fair?Parsley, sage, rosemary and thymeRemember me to one who lives thereShe once was a true lo...


Guitar Lesson: Become A Better Guitarist By Developing Your Ear

Can you hear a melody and then play it on your guitar? To have a good ear will help you a lot in your musical endeavors. Let's see how we can improve this ability!Learn to know your guitarTo be able to pick up your guitar and play any melody you hear would be nice I guess!To understand the relationship between the melodies you hear and the frets and strings you have to use to play these melodies is something you can practice in different ways. Here are some suggestions:1. Play around with your guitar. Yes, ...


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